Balonne Shire Council                                      

The Balonne Shire is located in Queensland on the New South Wales border some 500 kilometers from the east coast of Australia and has an area of 31,119 square kilometers.
St George is the major town within the Balonne Shire. The shire encompasses five smaller towns servicing the outer rural population. This gives the shire much of its individuality and diversity.
A region of surprising diversity and unique attractions: rich in native bird and animal life, wide-open spaces, beautiful waterways and many historic buildings.

Whilst in St George call into the Balonne Shire Visitor Information Centre and talk to a local.

Our friendly staff and volunteers will fill you in on plenty of experiences for you to enjoy while in St George and within our shire spanning over 31,119 square kilometres.

Whether it’s brochures and maps, or general tourist advice you need, the Balonne Shire Visitor Information Centre has it covered.

While you’re in there, browse the centre for locally made arts and crafts; history books or yummy jams and sauces.

Giving unbiased advice, the staff and volunteers that make up the Balonne Shire Visitor Information Centre love nothing more than to guide you around the streets of St George and direct you to the attractions that make this town wonderful.

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